4 Important Food Brands That Were Cancelled

Following the introduction of a contentious collaboration, Bud Light—previously America's favourite beer—found itself in a fizzy mess. Modelo Especial, a Mexican lager in the Pilsner style, replaced Bud Light as the nation's favourite beer in the month that followed as sales of the former brand fell by 23%.

Bud Light

In the wake of George Floyd's passing and in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement, 2020 was also the year that numerous food companies came under fire for their insensitive and racialized brand mascots and imagery.

Aunt Jemima

Due to the public outcry, Quaker ultimately decided to retire the Aunt Jemima mascot after 130 years of service, and the company is now known as Pearl Milling Company.

Aunt Jemima

You've undoubtedly had Martin's Potato Rolls if you've had a burger from Shake Shack or the Hard Rock Cafe. Products from the company can be found in renowned chains and family-owned eateries across the United States and abroad.

Martin's Potato Rolls

But over the past year, shops have mostly been refusing to sell the cherished buns due to their apparent political ties.

Martin's Potato Rolls

After collaborating with an unusual investor, Oatly—the pioneer of oat milk and maker of other non-dairy goods including yogurt and ice cream—is currently leaving a bad taste in consumers' mouths.


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