5 excellent short hairstyles for older women

Everyone adores Dame Judi Dench and her stunning blonde pixie cut. Adding a little volume and tiny, wispy bangs gives a look that is incredibly feminine. If your hair is thinning, stick with the shade that matches your scalp the closest.

Beautiful Blonde Pixie

When you are letting your hair color fade and letting your gorgeous natural grey grow in, this is a terrific hairstyle option. While you transition, the "messy look" will help your dyed hair blend in with the developing grays. If you have thick hair and are a little edgy, this sloppy pixie looks amazing on you.

Messy Grey Pixie

Annie Lennox is a different female who has a gamine-style hairdo. She is just beautiful and natural.

Sleek White Pixie

Annie, who was on the verge of going gray, decided for this haircut to make a point about how she was aging. She desired to project an image of strength, independence, and inspiration.

Sleek White Pixie

Highlights and lowlights look fantastic on certain hair hues. For extra texture, you can apply dark lowlights to your short pixie near the scalp and in certain places.

Natural Pixie with Bangs and Salt & Pepper

This face-contouring soft-layered pixie with bangs is simple to style and flattering on a variety of face shapes.

Natural Pixie with Bangs and Salt & Pepper

The lengthier side-swept bangs look amazing with this gamine pixie cut. The majority of face shapes suit this short hairdo, however long oval faces suit it best. Any hair color, whether dyed or natural, looks well in this style.

Grey Side-Swept Pixie

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