5 Serious Turmeric Side Effects that Have Been Carefully Ignored

The potential for kidney stones to form is one of turmeric's adverse effects. Oxalate, which is present in turmeric, combines with calcium in the kidneys to produce crystals.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can form as a result of this buildup, which is painful and uncomfortable. If you have a history of kidney stone formation, talk to your doctor in addition to consuming enough of turmeric to lower this risk.

Kidney Stones

Additionally, turmeric has the potential to irritate the stomach lining and result in stomach ulcers. Because of its pro-inflammatory effects, turmeric should be consumed with caution by those who have digestive problems.

Stomach Ulcer

Strong stains are often caused by turmeric. When ingested, it is simple to stain tooth enamel, which over time causes discoloration and yellowing. Improve your oral hygiene and occasionally apply a natural tooth whitener to avoid this.

Tooth Stain

Turmeric has also been linked to instances of liver damage. The plant's primary component, curcumin, is to blame for this harm since it has the potential to harm liver cells when consumed in large concentrations.

Liver Damage

It is advised to avoid consuming high doses of turmeric and to see a doctor before taking any supplements.

Liver Damage

Diarrhea is yet another adverse consequence of turmeric. Some people get stomach issues with turmeric because of its high fiber content. Reduce your intake until the symptoms subside if you frequently get the flu or have loose stools.


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