6 Zodiac Signs Who Secretly Hate Everybody

If a Scorpio feels they have been wronged by you or anybody else, they will harbour bitterness until they figure out how to exact their vengeance. 

1. Scorpio

Capricorns truly hate people when they get a lot of pushback or when people question their abilities.

2. Capricorn

People who are rude and don't act the way Virgo wants them to are really annoying to them. 

3. Virgo

Aquarius is great at taking people as they are, and they like it when people are honest with them. Aquarians can't stand fake people at all.

4. Aquarius

People that are overly arrogant and full of themselves are someone Taurus can't stand, even though they seem to like them. 

5. Taurus

When they don't feel heard, Cancers hate everyone in secret. If Cancer's feelings aren't taken seriously, they'll know that no one cares.

6. Cancer 

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