7 Shocking Causes Why Women Start to Hate Their Partners

Do you recall the first time you were seduced by his encyclopedic knowledge of everything? Well, it's not exactly nice when he corrects the way you pronounce "quinoa" five times.

Suddenly, he is a living encyclopedia

No lady wants to dance that way, especially not in the middle of the night. Guys, it is quite easy. Simply set it down!

The Bathroom Chair Tango

We're happy to see you getting fit. But do we really need a new picture every time you perspire? We accept, you raise!

Selfies in the gym

He begins to complete your statements. While it might at first appear adorable, it quickly loses its appeal if you start complaining to him about doing so.

He learns to be psychic

A medical marvel, indeed! Three rooms away, he can hear a snack bag opening, but he somehow ignores our demands for him to pick up his socks.

Discretionary Hearing

It feels as though the end of the world has arrived when he contracts a cold. If only he could resist the impulse to assist with the dishes as valiantly as he did the germs.

Man Flu

We find this early custom to be strange. Our once-clean sink now resembles the site of a tiny lumberjack competition after his daily face-scaping session. We're discussing a shaving cream and mustache-based abstract art piece, ladies.

The Surprising Shaving Sink

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