7 Simple Labor Day Recipes for a 13" x 9" Pan

Every time, this beef comes out soft and tasty because to its subtly smoky flavor! Additionally, it cuts well, making it attractive on a buffet.

Beef Brisket on Buns

Deb Waggoner, from Nebraska's Grand Island. You want more, right? Our quick Labor Day recipes demonstrate that flavor can be packed into a dish in no more than 15 minutes (or less!).

Beef Brisket on Buns

My family really likes the fudgy s'mores brownies that my daughter makes. Our love for s'mores is heightened by the rich chocolate brownies and the cinnamon graham cracker crust.

S’mores Brownies

What a quick and entertaining way to serve potatoes when a buddy brought this to a meeting at church.

French-Fry Bake

Finding a recipe that can sneak in a few extra vegetables is usually a good idea; the kids never notice the carrots that are snuck into this one.

French-Fry Bake

This dip is enjoyable for adults and kids alike. And I enjoy it because it's so quick and simple to make. I prepare it for important events like birthdays and Christmas gatherings.

Bacon-Cheddar Dip

This is the recipe I typically use when I need a quick dessert. I generally have all the ingredients on hand, so I can quickly put it together.

Cherry Blueberry Cake