A Walmart customer shares these frozen foods they consumed to lose 100 pounds

Trips to the grocery store might be challenging if you're on a diet or attempting to lose weight.

You must not only fight the impulse to add junk food to your cart, but also concentrate on choosing the healthiest items.

The 23 grams of protein and 160 [calories per serving] in these Realgood chicken nuggets are insane.

Chicken nuggets

Great Value brand Vanilla Flavored Lowfat Ice Cream Sandwiches are the next delectable pleasure.

Ice cream sandwiches

These ice cream treats have just 100 calories per bar and are 97 percent fat-free. Additionally, they suggest Great Value's 150-calorie "regular" ice cream sandwiches.

Ice cream sandwiches

He had the Meat Lovers flavor of Quest Thin Crust Pizza, which has only 5 grams of net carbohydrates per serving.

A low-cal pizza

While a dish is thirty percent of the pie and has 270 calories, if you eat the entire pizza as an entire meal, it has eight hundred calories and 63 grams of protein.

A low-cal pizza

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