According to your zodiac sign, which Barbie are you?

Everybody's beloved irritable sign, Aries, is at the beginning of the zodiac charts. The American Idol Barbie from the beginning of the twenty-first century is the one who attracts Aries most significantly, while Barbieland is full of noisy personalities with whom Aries could get along just fine.

Aries: American Idol Barbie

Tauruses make the ideal Architect Barbie because they love to take in and appreciate the beauty of the natural environment.

Taurus: Architect Barbie

A huge undertaking like bringing an idea or structure to life is not the only thing they are diligent and meticulous enough to complete.

Taurus: Architect Barbie

Look no farther than Day to Night Barbie, Geminis. Gemini has an extensive spectrum of characteristics to go alongside it, and Barbie from Day to Night has attire for every situation. Due to her versatility, the Day to Night Barbie is the ideal persona for them.

Gemini: Day to Night Barbie

Cancers are particularly sensitive to both their private feelings and other people's emotions. They are a wonderful fit for the Art Teacher Barbie since this sensitivity is easily transferable to other artistic mediums.

Cancer: Art Teacher Barbie

The only sign in the horoscope that shouldn't be contained is Leo. The Golden Dream Barbie is the most boldly self-aware of the historical bunch. Leos are by definition theatrical and confident.

Leo: Golden Dream Barbie

Where would the more erratic and impetuous zodiac signs be without Virgo's analytical prowess and practical planning skills? It sounds like something more we use.

Virgo: Computer Engineer Barbie