Are Carrots Healthy for Babies?

Everyone, including infants, can benefit from eating carrots. One of the best sources of beta-carotene is them.  For the immune system, skin,

and eyes, vitamin A is beneficial. Due to their high fiber content, carrots aid in preventing constipation in infants. Additionally, they contain

vitamin K, which facilitates blood clotting. During the baby's weaning phase, carrots offer a very nice meal option. They are creamy, somewhat

sweet, and bland enough to not aggravate the baby's digestive system. Ideal timing for introducing pureed carrots is when the infant first starts

eating solids. They mix nicely with various fruits and vegetables. If your child is younger than six months old, do not offer them carrots. 

Check to see whether your child is allergic to carrots. Give just the right amount of squash and carrot puree.

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