Can Horses Eat Almonds?

May horses eat almonds? May be answered simply by saying "yes." However, there is more to know before

you give your beloved horse almonds carelessly, as there always is. Continue reading to see why you

should be cautious while feeding your horse almonds. Several substances in almonds help a horse's

hooves stay healthy. Even though your horse only needs to consume trace amounts of these different

substances, they are essential for optimal health. The nutrients manganese and copper, vitamin E,

biotin, and different mono- and unsaturated fats all contribute to the health of the hoof. We can respond

to the query by stating that it is acceptable to give almonds to horses. Don't give them too many at once, though.

Only feed when given a special reward. When included in your horse's regular diet, the dried shell of the almond fruit is an excellent source of super-fiber.