How Do You Dry Your Dog’s Hair Using A Hairdryer?

1. Begin by introducing your dog to the dryer while it is off.

2. Turn it on while keeping a safe distance from the dog. Allow your dog to become accustomed to the dryer's noise.

3. Move it slowly toward your dog and engage in play, maybe giving small bursts of chilly air. As the dryer approaches, make sure to give your dog goodies as rewards.

4. After your dog is at ease with the dryer's sound and sensation, carefully move it up to their coat.

5. If using a human-made drier, ensure sure the heat is set to low.

6. If you're using a dog-specific drier, you may blast the water droplets away by bringing the nozzle near to the skin.

You cannot feel how hot the dog is becoming as you do when you are drying yourself. Therefore, avoid letting the dog's coat become too hot.

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