How Much Do Tortoises Eat?

The majority of tortoise species are fairly little, reaching a maximum length of 8 to 12 inches and weighing less than 10 pounds, despite the

size of the biggest tortoises, which may grow to be over 3 feet long and weigh hundreds of pounds. It might be challenging to keep track of how

much food tortoises consume in the environment since they graze continuously throughout the day. Since they are pets, it is somewhat simpler to estimate their caloric needs. 

Leafy greens, vegetables, and fruit are typically offered to pet tortoises in a meal set that is roughly the size of their shell. Leafy greens and other

vegetables should make up at least 80% of this, with fruit, processed meals, and other protein-rich foods making up the balance. On feeding

days, tortoises are given one substantial meal. Depending on size, tortoises can consume up to 5% of their body weight in a single meal.

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