How Much Space Do Rabbits Need?

The lifespan of a domestic rabbit, however, can reach 10 to 14 years. Your rabbit needs a lot of space if you want it to live a long time.

Poorly maintained rabbits are more likely to pass away far earlier than they would have otherwise. There are various housing choices

available to you if you maintain a pet rabbit: Don't restrict your rabbit's access to the house. Numerous owners select this choice because

rabbits may be trained to use the litter box. If your rabbit will have unattended access, you'll need to bunny-proof the house. Keep your

rabbit in a large, bunny-proofed enclosure while you're sleeping. When you can watch, let it out during the day. It is not advisable to keep

rabbits outside. House rabbits live longer than outdoor rabbits do. Predators, bad weather, extremely high or low temperatures, or sickness frequently cut short their lives.

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