How Much Water Cats Should Drink

Cats typically require 3.5 to 4.5 ounces (or approximately 12 a cup) of water for 5 pounds of body weight each day. A 10-pound cat should

drink between 7-9 ounces (about 1 cup) of water each day. The crucial term here is "consume," since cats don't necessarily need to drink to

receive their water. Water makes up around 70–80% of a can of wet food. As a result, if your cat consumes wet food, which is highly advised,

they might obtain 3.85 to 4.4 ounces of water from a single can (a 5.5 ounce can on average). There you have it, half their daily water intake. 

For several reasons, eating wet food can be quite advantageous. Your cat is receiving some of the water they require daily, which is

especially important for cats that have renal illness, diabetes tract problems. Furthermore, canned food has more protein but less

carbohydrates. For diabetic cats, this is quite advantageous. As you may remember from the list above, all of these medical issues can make

dehydration worse. Even while you might not really see your cat drinking if you leave the house all day, there are techniques to determine whether or not they are receiving enough water.</