How to Choose Lipstick Based on Your Skin Tone

Look for a lipstick shade in a warm tint that complements your warm

1. For warm tones

undertones or olive skin tone. Orangey-red, brick-red, and terra-cotta will all look good on you.

The ideal lipstick to wear with cool undertones, namely blue-ish and purple tints, is for cool complexion tones

2. For blue or pink tones

with blue or pink undertones. Try a rich plum, a berry hue like cranberry, or a strong cherry red that leans more toward blue than orange.

A broad variety of hues work well with neutral undertones. Try mauve hues for medium complexion,

3. For neutral tones

pinkish tones for fair skin, and berry shades for darker skin if you have a neutral skin tone or are unsure about your undertones.

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