How To practise Self Care As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Aries, you won't stay number one if you keep focusing on typing those emails, emotionally depleting yourself, or letting your concerns make you work harder for just 5 more minutes.


Taurus, strive to succeed. Competing is different from obsessing. We think you know how often the latter is possible for you. 


Failure will always haunt you. How many things has it prevented you from doing today? Aren't the stats bad? That's fixable. Want to stay longer? Just be. 


Cancer, you are sensitive and talkative. The pros and negatives of pep talks can overwhelm you. How to calm the chaos?


Self-care ideas must come from the most creative zodiac. It might be painting, ceramics, cooking, fixing your nails, sketching, or whatever? Try something new this week. Try going out for someone.


Virgo, imagine. It's your dream alpine getaway. The mood is lovely. Pulling down the window reveals massive trees on both sides of the road. 


Despite your calm demeanor, you occasionally lose balance. You have trouble centering. Libra, your subconscious monkey-mind is trying to do too much at once. That sensation is uncontrollable. 


Scorpio, you love weddings, but not yours. So shine and self-care for a future wedding. 


Extroverts like you enjoy being with friends. Sagittarius rules thighs and hips, thus your hips are stressed. So slip between the sheets with your THE one and experience introversion. 


Capricorns are materialistic. Because of your hard effort, it's okay. For a while, be materialistic. Buy a long-awaited item. 


You want to quit screens, phones, the financial market, and anything else that distracts you from breathing. As a thoughtful zodiac sign, you focus. 


Pisceans value family time above everything else. Pisceans should return to their mother's lap for self-care. We recommend a romantic vacation in a natural setting with your spouse.


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