How to protect your dog from the heat

Your puppy needs to have access to shade if you spend a lot of time outside in the yard with them. An outdoor patio umbrella or sunshade

canopy would suffice if you don't have a shade tree. Puppies can also find refuge in a doghouse or cage with good ventilation. The evaporative

process that occurs when a dog is assisted by cold water. It's one of the primary methods used by dogs of all ages to control their body

temperature. Heatstroke will strike a dog that is dehydrated more rapidly. For your pup's comfort, make a sandbox in a shady area of the

yard. Digging puppies could even create their own space. Your dog may be susceptible to overheating inside, especially if you don't have air 

conditioning. Think about getting a fan to put in the room where your dog sleeps and closing the blinds in bright rooms.

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