How to Take Care of Goldfish

Although goldfish are thought to be a cold-water type of fish, they may also be successfully raised in warmer 

climates. While certain types, such comets or shubunkins, may be kept in a broader range from 60-70 F,

fancy goldfish should be kept between 68 and 74 F. A goldfish's health depends on the condition of the water.

Temperatures should be controlled within a small range and the pH should be between 7.8 and

8.4. Goldfish ought to be housed in the greatest environment that is readily accessible. The size of the 

habitat should be determined by the types of goldfish and their full-grown sizes. The majority of goldfish are

omnivores. You may offer your pet high-quality flake food or a sinking goldfish pellet. For a goldfish, the meal need to include roughly 30% protein.

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