Nutritional Benefits of Apple For Guinea pig

Even though it may sound strange, you may conceive of humans and guinea pigs as having comparable 

 food requirements. Guinea pigs require the same specific amounts of vitamins and other nutrients as

humans do. Apples assist in meeting some of these dietary needs. One of apples' most important nutrients 

is vitamin C. According to their body weight in kilograms (2.2 pounds), guinea pigs normally require 10 mg of

vitamin C daily. B-complex vitamins, such as thiamin, riboflavin, and vitamin pyridoxine, are also present in 

 apples. If you want the apple to be as healthy as possible, don't peel it, despite the fact that we

sometimes enjoy it. Dietary fiber may be found in apple peel. Both people and guinea pigs benefit from its help in digesting.

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