Pancake Nutrition Facts

Depending on your calorie demands, the optimum breakfast ranges from 350

to 500 calories. A 3.5-ounce portion of pancakes contains 221 calories, despite the customary

addition of butter and maple syrup, which raises the calorie and fat content. While more calories

usually don't make pancakes off-limits, excessive fat can. Pancakes include 8.8 grams of fat

per dish, therefore adding extra fat may not fit into your meal plan. almost 3.9 g, or almost half

of the fat in pancakes, is saturated fat. 27.2 g of carbs, or 8.3 to 12 percent of your daily

need, are present in one plate of pancakes. Additionally, you receive 8.1 g of protein, which accounts for 14.4 to 17.6 percent of the advised requirement.

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