The 6 Things Starbucks Staff Won't Tell You

With a birthday gift, you can increase the joy of your birthday. Starbucks will almost give you everything on the menu including something to drink, an eating item, or a packaged beverage for free on the day of your birthday.

Free birthday drink

Although Starbucks is known for its coffee, you might want some water to drink with your Frappuccino. You can get a free cup of water that has been filtered at Starbucks.

Water is free

A paw-some gratuity, please!It's possible that your pals have shared adorable photos of their dogs sticking their noses into Starbucks cups. Their animal friend isn't sipping a double espresso, so they shouldn't be concerned.

The Puppuccino is real

You are able to acquire free refills of brewed coffee (including cold brew and iced coffee) or tea, but not Frappuccino or latte drinks.

Free refills are offered

Simply use your Starbucks card or the smartphone application to make the initial purchase, and then present it again to get refills.

Free refills are offered

One Starbucks location will never request your name to be placed on your drink. It is situated at the CIA's Langley, Virginia, headquarters and is solely used by CIA personnel; non-CIA individuals are not permitted to enter for coffee.

There is a CIA-only, private Starbucks

Before being able to sell alcohol, employees must pass background checks.

There is a CIA-only, private Starbucks