The Best Exercise for Your Zodiac Sign

Cardinal says, "Aries should do a weightlifting exercise, whether it's for bodybuilding or for power lifting.


Barre is a ballet-inspired workout that is both elegant and practical. Taurus would love it.


HIIT training not only takes less time, but it also goes quickly from one exercise to the next, which is great for Gemini because it keeps them interested and motivated.


Cancer  may choose to buy a set of exercise bands so they can work out at home.


As a group, Leos are full of life and energy, so they need something fun and energising to keep them going during a workout.


 It would be a great way for Virgo to narrow in on what they want to do.


Libra would benefit from doing yoga regularly, especially vinyasa yoga, which has a smooth flow, or hatha yoga, which focuses on individual poses.


Scorpio will like things that are too racy for most people, like a pole-dancing class.


Zumba classes are fun, upbeat, and feel like a party, which is great for Sagittarius, who is outgoing and loves to try new things.


Capricorns like to compete with themselves on a solo walk to see how far they can go while the fresh air clears their mind.


Aquarius can do both with a subscription to an exercise app like Sweat or Nike Training Club.


Pisces could find the right amount of effort with a home cycling programme that uses a screen to take the user on scenic rides.


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