The Best Salad for Your Zodiac Sign

"The ram is the zodiac sign for Aries, so a chilled Persian cucumber and tomato salad with lamb is a good choice for those born under this sign."


You were born in the year of the bull. Enjoy a cold spinach salad with blueberries and steak.


The chicken, avocado, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, bacon, and different veggies in the Cobb salad give it a lot of taste and texture, just like you, Gemini.


The crab is the sign of Cancer, so it makes sense that crabmeat is the best nutrition for your perfect summer salad.


Leos will enjoy the drama of making a Caesar salad, which is usually done at the table of the customer.


The Tabbouleh salad from the Middle East is a cool summer food that people born under this zodiac sign will enjoy.


Astrologers say that apples are controlled by Venus, which is the planet in charge of Libra. The Waldorf salad is a good choice because of this.


If you are a Scorpio, which is the sign that Pluto rules, a Spinach and Warm Mushroom Salad is great for you.


Asparagus and tomatoes are connected to this sign of the zodiac, so start with these two vegetables.


Astrologers connect beets and other root vegetables with Capricorn because they are both hardy and long-lived, like this sign.


Instead of veggies, try a colourful fruit salad. Alexander says, "Aquarians are known for having tangy personalities, and sometimes they can be so honest that they are almost acidic."


Grilled salmon that is chilled and placed on top of fresh greens makes a good lunch or light summer dinner.


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