The Top 5 Nail Shades for 2023

Coming for our nails is clean girl beauty. To make your hands appear longer, imitate Kendall Jenner and use neutral or sheer nail colours that match the hue of your skin. The popularity of French tips has also increased.

Your-Nails-But-Better Nude

On celebrities like Storm Reid who walk the red carpet, chrome nails have become popular. This palette differs from other seasonal collections and trends because of the colour journey they take.


You'll initially notice a green note before surprising them with a shimmering trip in a different light. basic colours are elevated by adding texture and dimension.


For 2023, blue nails are surprisingly fashionable. Taylor Swift donned a darker blue option on the Grammys red carpet, while Hailey Bieber sported bright blue shades on her hands.

Not-Your-Baby Blues

White nails are often associated with summer, but I dare you to wear them the rest of the year with your fall and winter outfits. Recently, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and Emma Chamberlain have all rocked them with their outfits.

Bright White

Consider Cardi B's appearance an effortless outfit-and-nail formula for the fall and winter since she paired hers with an all-black ensemble.

Bright White

Call it Barbiecore's emergence, but pink nails are in style right now. One person who rocked long baby pink nails at the Met Gala this year was Ice Spice.

Think Pink