Top 5 Interior Paint Shades for Fall 2023

This fall, Dark colours like brown tones will be popular. Designers are using bold, statement-making wall to wall colours, and black paint is an easy way to induce gloom.

Brown Hues

The colour purple has become popular in recent months, and it will also become popular in home decor.The colour purple is also in style right now, and we love seeing anything from pale lavender tones to dark, rich shades of eggplant.

Hints of Lavender

House of Honey enjoys taking risks, and employing brave, bright color is the ideal place to start when designing inviting, soulful rooms.

Bold Shades of Red

In the kitchen of one of our elegantly furnished and aggressively equipped Montecito projects, the deeper, rich pigmented finish of Eating Room Red gives a splash of color and inspires a feeling of joy and celebration.

Bold Shades of Red

The Barbie movie was a huge box office success, and this summer the Barbiecore trend is in full swing. Barbiecore, though, can be a bit much for certain families.

Sophisticated Pinks

Therefore, Sulking Room Pink by Farrow & Ball can be a more subdued pink option. Compared to many other pink rivals, this beigey-blush feels romantic, mature, and is incredibly attractive.

Sophisticated Pinks

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