Trader Joe's assures that self-checkout will never be available in its stores

Due to consumer demand for rapid, contactless shopping visits, self-checkout systems have taken over the supermarket business in recent years. According to one assessment, grocery store checkout is now dominated by this method.

However, don't anticipate Trader Joe's to join the fun. The grocer's CEO Bryan Pal baum and president Jon Basalone, both of whom are new to their positions, verified this in the most current edition of Trader Joe's podcast, which was released on Monday.

The grocery business is well recognized for remaining steadfast in upholding its traditional in-store experience, which also includes avoiding online purchasing.

Trader Joe's marketing officials claimed in a different podcast episode published in May that the retailer doesn't want to invest in e-commerce because of the added costs involved.

The CEOs also targeted other technological advancements that grocery stores have implemented in an effort to save costs and enhance the shopping experience, such as aisle-scanning robots. They claimed that Trader Joe's chooses to concentrate on new store openings and product innovation.

The thrill originates from that. You know, it's not one of those weird new concepts like the robot in the aisle that assists with spill cleanup and answers queries.

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