Watermelon Nutrition Facts

Only a small amount of fiber and the majority of the carbs in watermelon are sugars. Fructose accounts for half of the sugar, glucose for one-

fourth, sucrose for the remaining one-fourth, and other sugars make up tiny portions. There are 0.076 grams of fat total, with 0.056 grams of

monounsaturated and 0.024 grams of saturated fatty acids making up the majority of the fat. Just about 1 gram of protein per cup may be

found in watermelon. It's interesting to note that some businesses shell the seeds, sprout them, and then extract the protein from them. More

nutrients are present in a fully ripe red watermelon than in a less-ripe fruit. A single serving of watermelon contains a large amount of your

daily needs for both vitamin C and vitamin A, making it a good source of both nutrients.

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