What Are You Doing If You Haven't Tried These Costco Best Sellers?

The best snack seasoning ever created is definitely Zapp's New Orleans Style Voodoo seasoning; the Delish team loves their potato chips.

Voodoo pretzel sticks from Zapp

This well-known spice mixture gives these pretzel sticks a wonderful tang by tasting like a cross between barbeque and salt & vinegar.

Voodoo pretzel sticks from Zapp

The famous Girl Scout cookie is now available as a savory and sweet snack. These dark chocolate-dipped pretzels at Costco come in a bag that weighs about half a pound.

Thin Mint Pretzels from Girl Scouts

These snack packs are for you if you want the diversity of a charcuterie board with the ease of eating a bag of trail mix. Snacking is made easier by the 12-pack of cheese, dried fruit, and nuts that Costco sells.

Sargento Balanced Breaks

We often bring these Dutch candies on United Airlines flights since they are loaded with caramel. They are currently offered at Costco.


These stroopwafels make a delicious addition to afternoon tea or morning coffee since they are so toasted and sticky.


Popular hot sauce company Tapato coats a mixture of peanuts, cashews, and almonds with their distinctive spicy lime flavour. Additionally, they are offered in handy single-serve pouches.

Tapatío Mixed Nuts