What Kind Of Drunkard Are You, According To Your Zodiac Signs

The first sign of the zodiac calendar, Aries, is predisposed to taking the reins. They take the lead with excitement and are motivated to succeed. These characteristics lead to intriguing results when alcohol is added!


Taurus, which adores grace and elegance, is ruled by Venus, the planet of elegance and sensuality. I guarantee they won't be a messy drunk! They are very conscious of what they'd like to eat and have good sensory awareness.


Given that Geminis have a reputation for being talkative, social, and perhaps even gossipy, just picture what happens after a few glasses of wine.


They communicate to form friendships, and when they are inebriated, they are much more driven to exchange information.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon, thus it is a sign that is constantly evolving and changing. People often don't stick with just one drink because their tastes fluctuate during the evening. This leads to the worst hangovers.


Leos are the astrological sign's social butterfly. Being Sun-ruled, they like being the center of conversation and illuminating a room. Additionally, they are extremely competitive, which can be dangerous when inebriated.


They could have an inclination to instigate drinking competitions to demonstrate their superior capacity for intoxication.