What Zodiac Signs are the Funniest?

Sagittarius is always upbeat and can find the funny side of anything. Their real power comes from how funny they are and how positive they are.


Gemini has a good way with words and a good sense of humour. Gemini is the one sign that always has something funny to say. 


Libra, the sign with the most friends, wants to make people happy. People with this sign will often go out of their way to make everyone else laugh.


Leo is a natural performer who takes the stage by making people laugh. This sign has a lot of charm and wants to be the centre of attention.


Active and full of fun Aries is a pro when it comes to physical jokes. Aries uses humour to make people laugh and show them that he is a good boss.


Even though they have a sensitive sense of humour, nobody does sarcasm like Virgo. Their jokes are dry, smart, and often make fun of themselves.


Scorpio has a dark sense of humour, which can be a bit harsh. There's no question that Scorpios can be funny. Their sense of humour is honest and based on what they've seen.


This sign loves to tell funny stories that are sometimes very long. Dreamy Pisces often gets lost in the small details of a story and takes a long time to get to the point.


When Taurus shares their easygoing sense of humour, it's funny. 


Cancer's self-deprecating humour is meant to be funny, but it can be harsh at times. Instead of making fun of other people, Cancer is more likely to talk about themselves.


Aquarius has a strange sense of humour, but they are usually quiet. Aquarius doesn't have no sense of humour, because they do.


Capricorn is usually serious, but they have a dry sense of humour.


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