Where should you be during a tornado to be as safe as possible?

The very safest place to be during a tornado is far away from it, but if that's not possible, these are the finest locations to endure one.

Municipal shelters or FEMA saferooms are available in some tornado-prone communities. Find out whether one of these exists in your neighborhood and be aware of the best route there.

A tornado shelter

This is your best option if there is time. This is the purpose of any tornado shelter that may be present in your home.

A tornado shelter

The central area of the basement, away from windows, is the safest place to be if you are at home when a tornado strikes.

The basement

If you don't have a cellar, the safest place is a ground-floor interior room without any windows. The most dangerous part of a tornado is likely to be flying glass and other debris.

Center room on the ground floor

If possible, take cover beneath a large table in your interior area. Protect your head and wrap yourself in a mattress or blanket.

Under a table or a blanket

If you are driving and you spot a tornado coming, pull over as far away from any trees and structures as you can. The National Weather Service advises that you get out of your car and, if possible, lay flat in a ditch or gully.

A ditch