Which Form Of Alcoholic Are You, Depending On Your Zodiac Signs

Libras are extroverted, affable, and romantics with no hope. Similar to Taurus, Libra is ruled by Venus, hence they have a higher standard of living.


They usually order the most luxurious drinks as a result, running up a big bar tab.


Scorpio is a sign of desire, yet Pluto and Mars are also its ruling planets. These planets represent power, vigor, and strife. What an unusual pairing for a night out, especially considering how much Scorpios frequently genuinely like drinking. A lot.


You should probably consider inviting a Sagittarius to your event. They naturally like humor and adventure, but they are also capable of deep thought and engaging conversation.


Capricorns are diligent individuals who like to focus on their careers and who value decorum and competence. They know their limits and rarely overindulge when they do drink since they don't want to take any chances.


The creative thinker known as the Aquarius is often thinking about new concepts or conversational subjects. They are curious, therefore they want to taste new and exciting drinks!


Pisces, the gentle daydreamers of the zodiac, are renowned for being extremely perceptive to their feelings. They can make up stories in their heads while intoxicated due to their imaginative nature, which can make them upset.


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