8 Cheater Zodiac Signs who cheats easily  

Mars (Mangal) is Aries' Swami Graha or Supreme Planet. Thus, Surya Dev, the Aries zodiac Sun, is the best. 


Venus, or Shukra, is Taurus' Swami Graha. Moon or Chandra Dev is the strongest or uchcha on Vrisha. It's important because Taurus' Moon balances emotions.


Mercury rules Gemini. Rahu outperforms Ketu in Gemini. Thus, if you worship Lord Venkateshwara, the male deity may offer ways to find serenity and prosperity.


Cancer, the water sign, symbolizes femininity. Cancerians should daily recite the Hanuman Chalisa for courage. Cancerians should worship Krishna and Saraswati to obtain luck


Sun rules this fire-fixed, masculine sign. The Sun could affect Leo's zodiac signs. Leos prefer Shiva. 


Changeable Earth sign Virgo is feminine. Mercury-ruled Virgos worship Narayan. Virgos are loyal to Narayan and adept at defending the world and its people from imbalanced forces.


Venus rules the brave Air sign and worships Maa Parvati and Goddess Lakshmi. 


For Scorpions, worship Ganesha and Hanuman on Tuesday and Wednesday. Lord Hanuman's brightness can save the Zodiac's watery fixed signs from melancholy. 


Jupiter rules male Fire. Sagittarius learns most from hardship. Sagittarius residents should worship Lord Vishnu to attain prosperity, fame.


Mars, Saturn, and Shani are prominent in Capricorn. Maa Saraswati worship helps Capricorns flourish in school and work. Keep peacock feathers in textbooks. 


Saturn rules this sign. Aquariuses should worship Shani Dev and Ganesha. 


Pisces Venus-Pisces ruler is revered in this Zodiac, and Jupiter rules Pisces. Durga, Radhika, and Sita receive the same strength and vitality, allowing them to grow and develop equally.


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