Zodiac Signs Who Are Selfish

This zodiac sign believes in "me, myself, and I". They only worry about own preferences and ignore others. Receptive is not in their dictionary. 


Hi perfectionists! Earth signs aspire for perfection. We were as surprised as you were to find your zodiac sign on this list. But it is. Virgo, you have a dark side. 


Meet another selfish zodiac sign. Water sign superpower? If you're thinking of intuition or tapping into others' subconscious, you're wrong. 


Hi Leos! Meet the "life of the party" fire sign. But this is Leo's public face. The hidden side of Leo is darker than you expected. Leos love being in the spotlight. 


Isn't Gemini one of the friendliest zodiac signs? Isn't that your thought, folks? We didn't include this air sign by accident. You think of Geminis as sociable butterflies.


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