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4 Reasons Why Rottweilers Are Good With Kids

    4 Reasons Why Rottweilers Are Good With Kids

    There are many wonderful options available when selecting a dog breed for a family with children. The Rottweiler is one of them and has a number of acquired traits that make them more suited to families with young children.

    Here are the top four justifications for why Rottweilers are the ideal breed to have around kids.

    Loyal and Naturally Protective

    Rottweilers frequently exhibit loyalty. These are a handful of the dog breeds that will never leave your side. A Rottweiler takes the concept of family pets—which applies to all dogs to some extent—to the next level. They are so devoted to their owners that when they are left alone for an extended period of time, they are prone to separation anxiety. They are loyal because they adore their owners. Children will show their loyalty to a family if they are treated as such. In essence, given appropriate training, any hostility toward children is uncommon. However, they need human connection to strengthen this unwavering devotion and trust. A Rottweiler needs to be involved in all family activities because it is a social and outgoing dog. Don’t expect them to flourish if you keep them in your backyard.

    Built to withstand rough play from children

    Rottweilers are strong, resilient dogs. These dogs were developed with endurance and toughness in mind. In contrast to other species, Rottweilers can survive tough play of children. The shoulder height of a male Rottweiler is approximately 27 inches, whereas that of a female can vary from 22 to 25 inches. The weight of these enormous dogs can reach 100 pounds, and some males can reach 135 pounds or more. You probably already know what a handful your rambunctious children can be if you have young children. Your dog will be rubbed all over, given hugs, have their ears played with, or have their tails pulled.

    Learners Who Are Intelligent and Obedient

    One of the smartest breeds of dogs is the Rottweiler. They take to obedience training well and will gladly pick up new tricks and commands. Being intelligent and ready to learn might be a bonus for a family with young children. Excellent obedience training benefits the mental stimulation of the Rottweiler and can be fun for your children as well. You’ll be able to amuse both your kids and your dog. Additionally, involving your children in the training may help to forge a strong and enduring link between the two of you.

    The instincts of a guard dog

    A devoted dog can frequently go to any lengths to defend a home. If they are big enough, that is. Both of those criteria are satisfied by Rottweilers. Like Australian Shepherds, Rottweilers are devoted watchdogs who are constantly keeping an eye on the family, particularly the kids. They typically love keeping watch because of their vigilance and conservative character. This means that Rottweilers can serve as your children’s extra set of eyes. It is not a good idea to leave your kids alone with the family dog, though. It’s only that your Rottweiler will probably go to investigate if a stranger approaches the kids.