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The Top 5 Chain Steakhouses for Potato Dishes

    The Top 5 Chain Steakhouses for Potato Dishes

    While steak is undoubtedly the star of the show at any good steakhouse worth its salt, potatoes play a supporting role. They are a classic steakhouse side dish that has become so commonplace in the American dining lexicon that the phrase “meat and potatoes,” an iconic pairing on par with mac & cheese and PB&J, instantly evokes feelings of coziness.

    While mashed potatoes and french fries are well-known at fast-food chains, they are equally common—and even better—at full-service steakhouses, frequently boosted with sumptuous toppings and inventive preparation methods.

    Ruth’s Chris

    Ruth’s Chris Steak House is one establishment that excels in the style.  His preferred side dish to go with a porterhouse is the baked potato. People adore steak with the bone because they believe the flavor is superior. This is just a straightforward recipe that tastes fantastic when paired with a traditional baked potato with all the fixings. A one-pound baked potato topped with bacon, butter, and sour cream is obviously not “particularly simple,” but it is Americana comfort food at its best, delivered at a restaurant chain known for its superior quality.

    Morton’s the Steakhouse

    Along with its superb fries and top-notch meat, the upmarket restaurant Morton’s the Steakhouse also serves a few “signature” sides, such as a magnificent dish of smoked gouda and bacon au gratin potatoes.  The smokiness of the cheese combines with the crunchy sweetness of the bacon, the creaminess of the melted gouda, and the creaminess of the bacon to produce a symphony of flavor and harmonious texture.

    Texas de Brazil

    One stands out among the diverse sides offered at Texas de Brazil, including lobster bisque and fried bananas. Served boiling with creamy cheese, the potatoes au gratin at this feast-worthy—and value-packed—chain is a standout side that has won praise from both consumers and bloggers.

    Texas Roadhouse

    Texas Roadhouse, where the skins rate as the greatest appetizer on the meaty menu, is one establishment that is doing it correctly. This successful company, on its way to dominating the restaurant industry as a whole, is obviously doing something right, and that includes the way it treats potato skins. Orders are lavishly garnished with golden-brown cheese and crispy bacon on top of thick potato wedges, creating an equally baked flavor with the richness of the cheese and the contrast of the crunchy bacon bits.

    Logan’s Roadhouse

    Logan’s Roadhouse is making a comeback after being declared out of date, and starch may play a role in some of it. The company uses the same scratch-made attention to make its potatoes in addition to delivering some of the greatest steakhouse bread, which is also baked in-house. These handmade beauties, hailed as one of the restaurant’s hallmark appetizers, are stacked with melted cheddar, bacon bits, green onions, and sour cream for a refreshing, creamy contrast.